Washington State University Emergency Communications

Emergency Communications for the Campus and to the Public

WSU has developed many resources and tools for crisis communications.  The primary tools are the Campus Outdoor Warning System (COWS) consisting of sirens and public address speakers mounted throughout campus; the Crisis Communication System (CCS) which consists of a vendor provided service that contacts the university community directly via cell phones (both voice and text), landlines (voice), email and pagers with emergency warnings and notifications; and the WSU ALERT web site which will serve as the primary source of emergency and other critical information for the campus.

The CCS is an opt-in system.  Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive emergency messages through this system.  Follow these instructions to register for the CCS:

  • Connect to the myWSU portal
  • On the COMMUNICATIONS NOTICES page find the section for Emergency Notification
  • Click Register to go to the page where you can enter your personal information.

Be sure to read the TERMS OF SERVICE prior to registration. If your cell phone service charges fees for text messages, you are responsible for those charges.
Complete information on WSU Crisis Communications System and Resources can be found at the WSU ALERT website

The WSU Crisis Communication Plan can be found here.

The WSU Emergency Notifications Policy can be found here.

During emergencies, the primary resource for information on the current status of WSU for the university community as well as the general public will be the WSU ALERT web site. The site is available to anyone with access to the internet and will be updated as conditions warrant with current information during a crisis affecting the university. Additional communications will come from the internal communications resources of the Office of University Relations

The Office of University Relations  also provides communications to the public and media through the WSU News Service.