Washington State University Prevention and Response to Campus Violence

Preventing and Responding to Violence and other Campus Emergencies

The safety and security of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus is important to WSU. Many different departments play a role in this process.

WSU Police provide general crime prevention programs for residence hall members, Greek houses and the general university community. Related crime problems, such as theft, sexual assault, burglary, and topics of interest to the campus community, are also addressed. Special programs have targeted harassment, hate crimes, and personal safety issues. WSU Police personnel provid dozens of these programs during each school year. Programs consisted of traffic safety/passenger restraint presentations, crime prevention presentations, sexual assault/domestic dispute presentations, and substance abuse awareness prevention. Upon request, officers will provide presentations concerning the above topics and other issues. Brochures and handouts on the topics are available upon request. Click here, for access to the WSU Police website.

WSU Police are also the lead agency in providing personal safety training to the campus.  An example is dealing with an “active shooter” situation with officer led training and presentation of the “Shots Fired on Campus” video.

Another resource for the prevention of violence is the AWARE Network. The purpose of the AWARE Network to help WSU students be successful by providing a forum for early intervention to anyone who has direct contact with students. Click here, for access to the AWARE website which provides you with the resources you need to assist a student, and/or open communication channels so that someone else may provide the appropriate help. Early identification of potentially harmful behavior is one way in which WSU can help students avert crisis.

The Behavior Assessment Committee (BAC) is comprised of Pullman campus representatives from Counseling Services, Health and Wellness Services, Campus Safety, Residence Life, Office of Student Conduct, and the Office of the Dean of Students and the University’s Risk Manager, with the Attorney General’s Office acting in an advisory capacity. The BAC responds to reports about students of concern and will screen and intervene with students whose behavior is perceived as threatening to self or others.

Human Resource Service’s Safe Environment initiative is committed to preventing campus violence and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all faculty,staff, students and visitors.  Established WSU policies, such as the Workplace Violence Policy, Domestic Violence Policy, etc., will serve as the mechanisms for resolving situations of violence and/or threats of violence. In conjunction with the established policies, all situations of violence and/or threats of violence will be taken seriously.
More information on the Safe Environment initiative can be found by clicking here.

A key resource for developing emergency response and recovery plans for the campus and in responding to emergency situations is the Office of Emergency Management. Click here, for Information on what one can do to prepare for a wide range of potential emergencies one may experience on campus.

Emergency communications play a significant role in WSU’s prevention and response efforts for campus violence.  The WSU Emergency Notifications Policy can be found here.