Washington State University WSU Police Department and Campus Safety Services

WSU Police Department and Campus Safety Services

The WSU Police Department

The WSU Police Department consists of 17 commissioned officers:

  • One Chief
  • One Lieutenant
  • Three Sergeants
  • Three Corporals
  • Nine Officers
These officers possess the same enforcement and arrest powers as any police officer commissioned in the State of Washington.

WSU Police are tasked with preventing and responding to violence and other campus emergencies as well as a full range of law enforcement services on WSU property and to the university community. They also patrol designated adjacent areas on College Hill by authorization of the City of Pullman Police Chief. WSU Police are activated through local dispatch by contacting 9-1-1. For non-emergency services, call 509-335-8548.

WSU Police are on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing police services by vehicle, bicycle, and on foot. The department enjoys a close working relationship with the City of Pullman Police Department, as well as other local agencies including the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol. WSU Police also work closely with the Quad Cities Drug Task Force and the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
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Campus Safety Services

WSU Police campus safety services include, but are not limited to:

  • Crime reports/investigations
  • First responder roles to crimes and emergencies
  • Crime scene control
  • Area/campus evacuation management
  • Safety, crowd control and security for major campus events
  • Emergency response to Blue Light phone calls
  • Patrols via vehicle, bicycle and foot on campus
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Timely warnings for Clery Act compliance
  • Crime log compiling and posting
  • Crime prevention and personal safety educational programs
  • Active shooter training programs
  • Safety and risk assessment assistance for student events and activities
  • Community oriented policing

WSU Police are also involved in many other campus programs:

  • Risk management
  • Emergency management
  • Student conduct
  • Behavioral assessment/threat assessment
  • Clery Act reporting and annual Cougar Safety Guide
  • Elements of crisis communications

For a complete listing of WSU Police services, click here.

Programs and Services offered by the WSU Police on Crime Prevention

  • Shots fired/hostile intruder training
  • Traffic safety programs
  • Domestic violence awareness
  • Theft prevention
  • Children safety
  • Presentations at the ALIVE program
  • Alcohol awareness
  • Drug awareness
  • Violence in the classroom
  • General safety on campus
  • Armed robbery training for businesses on campus
  • Self defense and personal safety for women and men

Escort and Transportation Services available at WSU

Cougar Security Escort Service

Cougar Security was created in the fall of 1985 by the University to assist the University Police Department in assuring the nighttime safety of individuals and property on the campus. Cougar Security escorts are available free of charge to walk with students, faculty, staff, or visitors during the academic year between campus buildings, local living areas, or any of the Washington State University grounds.

Please dial (509)335-8548 or 5-8548 from campus to obtain an escort and allow fifteen to twenty minutes for your escort to arrive.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday 9pm – 1am
Thursday 8pm – 2am
Friday 8pm – 2am
Saturday 8pm – 2am

Women’s Transit

Provides a safe, free transportation alternative for women who would otherwise walk alone after dark. Sunday to Thursday, 6:00 p.m. to midnight; Friday and Saturday, 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Regular school year only. 509-335-6830

Disability Resource Center

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The Disability Resource Center operates a wheelchair accessible transportation service for on-campus trips only for those with temporary or permanent disabilities. Van Scheduler (509) 432-4875, Front Desk: (509) 335-3417

Public Transportation

Scheduled times vary; a copy of each schedule is available at the Public Safety Building, Parking and Transportation, Visitors Center, and many other places on campus:

Pullman Transit (bus): 509-332-6535
Wheatland Express (bus): 509-334-2200
Dial-a-Ride (elderly or disabled): 509-332-5471